iconLantern Chess a Java ICC Interface

Software for playing on the Internet Chess Club - on Mac Linux and Windows

Version: Lantern 557

In App Stores - Lantern iOS and Lantern on Android

Author Mike Adams @PulsarMike
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Questions, Suggestions: email LanternBugs at gmail. For help Lantern Manual

Wallpaper - Lookup User View
Wallpaper - Lookup User View
Customizable pieces, squares, colors, fonts, and board window.
seek a chess game on ICC
Many Boards and Pieces to Choose
chess board
Bughouse and Crazyhouse support
bughouse support
Activities Window with seeks, notify and events list
activities window, events, seeks, games
Engine Analysis `board design - modern`
chess engine analysis on ICC

Client for Internet Chess Club runs on Mac, Linux and Windows
Requires Java(Does not have to be on in browser)

Sometimes referred to as a Blitzin for Mac or Dasher for Mac
Lantern Chess client features for Chessclub.com - ICC include:

Here is a collection of .b2a ASCII files that can be used with Lantern's Scripter

Lantern Chess can be used for a free trial with Mac, Linux, and Windows on the Internet Chess Club. See validating a PayPal trial if you do not allready have a Chessclub.com account. There is a temporary hold by ICC of $0.01 in order to validate. Lantern Software is free.

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Lantern is a GPL program. Unzip the same jar file you downloaded to get at Source Code and License.

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