androidLantern Chess on Android - an Android Chess Client to ICC

    Lantern on Android is no longer supported, but the last release from 2019 at API level 28(Android 9) is available here LanternOnAndroid2.5.4.apk. A second option is to use my Diamond Chess Online in the Play Store that connects to both ICC and FICS, both ICS style servers. It has most of the funtionality of Lantern on Android. The lantern APK can be downloaded on an Android device and requires permission in settings to install apps outside the playstore.

    The classic pre 2018 play store APK, LanternOnAndroid2.1.3a.apk

    This application works on both tablets, phones, and Chromebooks. Screen shots below on a Asus transformer ten inch screen.

Using the Android Interface on ICC -

     Tips on how to type commands to do things like seek or chat here 'help intro'. Hit the f9 button in main console to quickly respond to tells. In version 1.7.9 a fourth channels tab(and now a fifth chan2 tab) has been added that will let you view one channel, which will then not show on the Chat tab while its on Channels, and the user won't have to type tell channel number when sending tells to the channel from that tab. Games can be started easily by clicking on the seeks tab and touching a seek, then a dialog to confirm you want to play will appear. On the game tab there is a menu to change some settings and an observing sub menu to observe games. On the Con tab click the menu button to save your name and pass so you don't have to keep tying it in, Also you can reconnect and adjust the font size there. If watching more than one game at once, touch at top of board, just below five main tabs to cycle through games.

    Currently now 5 tabs with 2 more added to focus on a single channel similar to icc apps. Initially they display a channel list and you touch a channel to enter. Channel is moved off of Main Chat. The 2018 app store release now uses a white background for lists like top games and channels.

Screen Shots - Click to see full size

Server Chat
clickable links

Android Chess Chat
Chess Board
gray marble

Android Chess Board
Chess Board
Choice of Board Square Tiles.

Olive Chess Board
Top Games
touch a top game to watch.

Top master Chess Games to watch
touch an offer for info, double tap to select

Chess Game Seeks
Chess Game Lists:History
touch an item to view game.

Chess Game Lists


     The board uses Maurizio Monge's Fantasy, Spatial, and Eyes chess pieces and Eric De Mund's adaptation of the Alpha, USCF and Merida chess pieces. "alpha" refers to Eric Bentzen's free Truetype chess font named "Alpha" and "merida" refers to Armando H. Marroquin's free Truetype chess font named "Mérida". (More info on alpha and merida see

     They are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License and used unmodified by Lantern). To download Monge's Pieces, download the current computer lantern chess, rename the jar a zip and unzip. The folders fantasy, eyes and spatial are in the lantern folder that unzips.

Update Feb 16 2019, I've learned the Alpha pieces by Eric Bentzen that De Mund adapted are only free for non commercial use. For commercial apps, Eric charges a fee of 50 eruos. He can be contacted at Eric at


    For support email lanternbugs at gmail. Also the user can type tell 1 (their question) while online from the Con tab both logged in as a member and a guest.